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  Viral Infection Tumor Cancer
  Diabetes Aging Fatigue
  Kidney Problem Obesity Alzhelmers
  Paln - Inflammation Insomnia Diarrhea
  Osteoporosis Impotency Cataract
  Stomach Ulcer Hypertension Arthritis
    Heart Diseases  


Each Capsule contains:
Mangosteen (dried powdered pericarp) 250 mg / 500 mg

Mangosteen has excellent flavor and it is called the "Queen of Fruits". It has been found to contain Xanthones, a powerful antioxidant. Over 40 different xanthones have been found in this fruit, which are chemically beneficial substance.


Protects againts pathogens, sepsis influenza, pneumonia, tuberculosis, AIDS, and diverticulosis. Anti-bacterial, anti-viral, antifungal. Laboratory demostrated to interfere with HIV protease, which keeps the virus immature and capable of infections. A study demostrated effectiveness against staphylococcus aureus bacteria. Polysaccharides in the rind stimulate phagocytic immune cells. Effective against salmonella, typhus and tuberculosis bacteria.

Asian healers have used Mangosteen for centuries for sypphilis, malaria, and amebic dysentery. In South America, it is used for intestinal worm infestations.


Catechin in Mangosteen: prevent formation of carcinogenic compounds by blocking co-carcinogens. Turn up body's natural detoxification defenses. Suppress cancer promotion or growth.


Dysentery, GI pathogens, diverticulosis, histamine and serotonin blocking capacity. Reducing excess stomach acid. Anti-allergic effect. Anti-stomach ulcers.


Mangosteen is anti-inflammatory and anti-allergenic agent. Relevant for asthma. Xanthoses modulate IGE, antibody class involved in allergic reactions. Ideal product to use daily to protect our respiratory systems integrity.


Mangosteen could produce a therapeutic effect in both treatment and prevention of Parkinsons and Alzheimer's diseases.


Mangosteen used for centuries to treat eczema, dermatitis wounds, ringworm, acne, impetigp, and growth disorders of dermis (psoriasis or seborrhea) skin cancer and sun damage.


Helps with fatigue, low energy. Used on person with chronic, fatigue and illness.
Mangosteen is listed with 138 separate benefits. The following are the major benefits:

Anti-tumor and cancer prevention
Anti-aging Anti-oxidant
Anti-lipidemic - blood pressure lowering
Anti-inflammatory - prevents inflammation
Anti-ulcers - prevents stomach, mouth and bowel ulcers.
Anti-obesity - help with weight loss
Anti-artherosclerotic - prevents hardening of the arteries
Anti-viral - prevents or modulates fungal infections
Anti-Alzheimers - helps prevent dementia
Anti-arthritic - prevention of artritis
Anti-osteoporosis - helps prevent loss of bone mass
Anti-periodontic - reduces/prevents inflammation and infection of gums
Anti-seborrhic - prevents seborrhea ( skin diseases that causes dandruff)
Anti-calcultic - prevents kidney stones
Anti- vertigo- prevents dizziness
Anti-glaucomic - prevents glaucoma
Anti-cataract - prevents cataracts
Hypotensive - blood pressure lowering
Immunostimulant - multiple categories cited
Cardioprotective - protects the heart
Analgesic - prevents pain


Young and old are exposed to free radicals by the millions each day. It has been estimated that each human cell undergoes ten thousand hits from free radicals each day.. causing damage to cell protains, DNA, fat lipids, and membranes through oxidation. This results in the generation of dysfunctional cells responsible for conditions as diverse as cancers, lung diseases, dementia, cardio vascular disease and eye diseases.
It is logical for a healty person of any age to start taking magosteen capsule to give the strong antioxidant within the fruit a chance to help preserve our healty bodies.

  • These free radicals scavenger/fighters stop pain, reduce swelling and inflammation, and help in the body's healing process.
  • The "strong" antionidants strengthen cell walls.
  • They kill bacteria, viruses, and fungus.
  • They stop the attack in DNA and even have restorative properties.
  • They help the body run as a complete, interrelated and integrated system.
  • They help the mind think better, adapt better, and give sense of well-being (anti-depressant).
  • They stop the damage of brain cells so that grow and divide property and help the cell walls and the neuro transmitters function property.
  • They aid with alzheimers, and all forms of memory loss.
  • They help in the battle against degenerative diseases like cancer, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, and all forms of brain malfunctions.
  • They help the vision process: cataracts, macular degeneration, glaucoma, and other forms of vision loss may be prevented.

Suggested Intake:
1 to 2 capsules daily 20 minutes before or meal with plenty of water.

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